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Chart Legend | Pure Analysis

Technical Chart Analysis Legend

Technical Chart Analysis Legend
Technical Chart Analysis Legend 

See the Technical Chart Analysis Legend above (click to get the full size) to understand the meaning of the differently colored lines, circles/ ellipses and arrows on the charts. Also have a look at Support and Resistance | Fibonacci AnalysisImportant Chart Patterns | Popular Chart Patterns | Breakout Trading to get a deeper understanding of the chart technical pattern, tools and methods used in the analysed Charts below.

The mainly employed technical chart analysis methods and tools are:

The reaction of the market price at Support and Resistance is marked with a blue circle/ ellipse.

At important Timing points like the beginning of the new candle market often breaches Support or Resistance levels particularly if the prior candle strongly closed at the important Chart level (see red circles/ ellipses). More information about the Breakout Timing and False/ True Price Breakouts...

The strong manipulative nature in the Forex market leads to many false price breakouts at important chart levels like highs/ lows to trigger many stop and limit breakout orders. This kind of manipulative price action is visible on many charts and this purely stop hunting price action above/ below important Support/ Resistance levels is often marked with a red arrow. Here you find more information about manipulative price action in Forex...

Below you find many analysed Charts and Forex Chart patterns at a glance without much description to provide important and popular price chart patterns and trading tools on one view to understand what technical chart analysis is about.

The analysed charts of the EUR/USD from different days and time frames are ordered and categorized to fit some famous chart patterns.

However, you should now that particularly popular chart patterns are manipulated to often fool traders into bad setups.

Head and Shoulders Chart pattern

Head and Shoulder Chart pattern
Daily Head and Shoulder pattern

Head and Shoulder pattern
5 min Head and Shoulder pattern

Here a sound analysis of the Head and Shoulders pattern can be found.

Pivot Points | Consolidation price zone   (see arrows)

Monthly, Weekly, Daily Pivot Points are on the right side of the charts marked with dashed lines.

Consolidation price zones often provide Support/ Resistance when price reaches this zone again.

Consolidation Price zone | Pivot Points
5 min Consolidation Price zone | Pivot Points

Consolidation Price zone - Pivots
1 hour Consolidation Price zone - Pivots

Pivot Points as Support/ Resistance
Daily and Weekly Pivot Points as Support/ Resistance

Triangle Consolidation pattern and Triangle Breakout 

Triangle Breakout Pattern
5 min Triangle Breakout
Triangle Consolidation pattern
Triangle Consolidation pattern

Butterfly sell/ buy Chart pattern

Butterfly Sell Pattern
5-min Butterfly sell pattern

Butterfly buy pattern
5 min Butterfly buy pattern

False Price Breakouts - Stop Running

False Price Breakouts - Stop Running
5 min False Market Price Breakouts

Stop Runs - False Price Breakouts
1 hour  Stop Runs - False Price Breakouts

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