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Butterfly pattern and price targets

Butterfly Sell pattern

Weekly and Daily Pivot

The Euro

formed a butterfly sell pattern on the 5 min chart. The turn around at the 127 % butterfly sell target coincided with the 61.80 % fib retracement on the hourly chart and the weekly R1. We also see the importance of pivot points for example of the weekly and daily pivot and daily S1 and weekly R1.

Market initially moved down at 8 a.m. to find support at the weekly Pivot Point. From the weekly Pivot the Euro bounced up strongly, creating a small bull flag at around 8:45 a.m.and later the Butterfly sell pattern. 

The Butterfly pattern is a typical reversal chart pattern so that market typical retraces the preceding move after the failed breakout to the 127 % or 161 % Fibonacci extension level from the preceding Consolidation pattern at 10 a.m.. The Euro retraced back to the typical 161 % Butterfly price target, which also coincided with the 61.80 % Fibonacci retracement level of the recent swing up at around 1 p.m.at 1.29. 

The Euro consolidated above the 1.29 price level with the typical three swing consolidation before breaking temporarily through the 1.29 level (psychological level). Later in the US session the Euro has been in a choppy trading environment with the daily Pivot as the upper border and the 1.29 price level as the lower border.

butterfly sell pattern, butterfly target
5 min Butterfly Sell Pattern, Butterfly Price Target

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