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Daily Head and Shoulder pattern

EURUSD Technical Chart Analysis 

Head and Shoulder Analyzed

Head and shoulder pattern
Daily Head and shoulder pattern

The daily Head and Shoulder pattern got triggered due to the gap down last week. On Monday, May 7, we had a nice retest of the neckline, which acted as resistance and led to a sharp price drop. The market took out the low of January 23 (stop fishing) and so far respected the support zone (analysed in 

Neckline break 

Below the market is the weekly trend line (low of June 2010 and January 2012) which could act as support. The classical target of the Head and Shoulder is the length of the head (A-B) projected from the neckline break (1.3061) at about 1.2551, which would also clear out the striking low from January at 1.2624.
However, it is to early to make  these assumptions and further price action will give hints of what to expect.

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